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M&M Recording Studio, located in Chambersburg Pennsylvania is a digital audio facility specializing in recording musicians and singers.The studio was upgraded in October 2013 to utilize Reaper  as the primary DAW. The upgrade includes VST plugins from various manufacturers as well as VSTi instruments and 2 Saffire Pro 40 firewire interfaces. A Tascam US-2400 control surface with touch sensitive flying faders provides hands on control. A 40 channel SX-1 Console provides an additional 16 audio tracks and 128 MIDI tracks. The entire system is clocked by an Antelope Isochrone master clock for incredible digital stability and sound quality.

The building is acoustically isolated from the outside world with floating hardwood floors, double walls and ceiling, a vinyl barrier, and a stone exterior. This construction effectively blocks external noise sources, resulting in a noise-free recording environment.

The studio consists of a main studio room (with an isolated drum riser) a control room, and a vocal booth. The main room was acoustically designed to achieve a full and natural sound. The control room’s response is essentially flat across the audio spectrum assuring an accurate mix. The vocal booth is treated to create a "dead room" with no coloration added to the voice. M&M Studio is designed for small groups, solo artists and voice-overs, as it is an intimate space with a cozy atmosphere.

Mark D. Miller has owned and operated businesses serving the music, computer, and electronics  industries since 1982.  He received his RIA Audio Recording Engineer certification in 1978 and holds a B.S. in Computer Information Systems.  In addition to owning M&M Studio, he is a talented composer, music teacher and an extraordinary guitarist performing classical, rock and jazz. He also  designs analog and digital electronics, writes computer software and designs websites. He co- owns two patents (a self tuning guitar and trailer hitch safety device) as well as  numerous copyrights.

Due to the vast majority of rap and hip hop artists not showing up or arriving late for appointments, M&M Studio is no longer accepting clients in these genres.

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